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With vivid and heart-rending meditations on the incredible pain Jesus suffered for our sins, renowned author and speaker Steve Ray walks us through the trials, scourging, mocking, crowning with thorns, way of the cross, and crucifixion. This is a tremendous resource for us to meditate on God’s great sacrificial love for us demonstrated by Jesus’s crucifixion and death on the cross.

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Steve is a faithful and fervent Catholic who seeks to present our Catholic faith in ways that are new and persuasive... He is committed to the New Evangelization in an engaging and powerful way.

–Most Rev. Carl F. Mengeling, Bishop Emeritus of Lansing, Michigan

Steve Ray is one of the greatest Catholic speakers and apologists in the country. Not only does Steve command a great knowledge of the Catholic faith, Scripture, and history, but he is passionate and enthusiastic, inspiring people to love and live out their Catholic faith.

–BRIAN Mercier, international Catholic speaker and retreat leader

I just finished listening to your Good Friday talk on the Pain of the Crucifixion. I was simply moved to tears. I will carry those tears of pain and joy to the Altar each time I go to Communion. Thank you, Steve, and God Bless for bringing the Sacrifice to us with such deep understanding!


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