The 20 Talks Subscription Is Ending

Whether you’re an active subscriber, a former subscriber, or just signed up to learn more about this subscription: thank you for being a part of 20 Talks!

Since launching in 2019, we’ve distributed tens of thousands of talks which empowered Catholics like you to plant countless seeds of evangelization. We believe that God can do wondrous things with that work!

And now, after much discernment, we have decided to discontinue the 20 Talks subscription. One reason for this decision is that the global pandemic has made it difficult—if not impossible—to encourage and support the kind of face-to-face personal encounters upon which this ministry is built.

Beyond that, the program is not able to sustain itself financially, and we’re no longer able to operate it. 

Please note: if you want digital downloads of any of your talks, you should download them within the next week before we close down the website.

Visit to download them—or if you want one after the website closes, just email customer service.

With that being said, we are still committed to offering audio talks in physical and digital formats, as we believe in their efficacy for evangelization. You will still be able to purchase 20-packs of all-time great Catholic talks, and we hope that you will continue to distribute them to your family and friends. We are simply no longer able to offer them in a monthly subscription model.

Which brings us to some other, better news we want to share with you...

We’re Launching a New Website!

Starting this month, will become (inspired by 2 Samuel 7, a great read if you have the time.)

Cedar House will be an online store much like, but it will have a much stronger focus on creators, their unique ministries, and ways you can support them directly.

We’ll still carry all the same excellent content that we used to offer (including 20-CD bundles), and we’ll be sure you hear when we introduce new audio content to share with others. 

The mission of Cedar House is the same as 20 Talks: we want to give you ways to joyfully share your faith with those around you, whether it’s through Catholic media, products, or anything else we promote.

By the way, all multi-CD sets sold on Cedar House will ship for free. Click here to sign up to hear about Cedar House when it launches (and get 25% off your whole first order!)